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Use Sonasil  -  Save Energy - Use Calcium Silicate Insulation - Save Energy

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Pipe coverings: Insulating Pipes, Lags & Blocks

Calcium Silicate Vs. Mineral Wool / Rock Wool


Calcium Silicate

Mineral Wool / Rock Wool

B.I.S. specification I.S. 9428 I.S. 9842

It has no binders & is self setting


It contains organic binders for strength and dimensional stability
Service Temperature (Limiting temp.) 1050 C 700 C
Thermal Conductivity

Mean temperature        W/mK

at   300C  0.078

400C  0.092

500C  0.112

Mean temperature W/mK

at 300 C   0.083

400 C   0.110 

Compressive strength

in thickness

at 60 p.s.i. load.

High strength allows it to withstand more physical abuse. 
One can walk on insulated surface &/or weatherproof jacket without affecting its seal at the joints.


5 % reduction
 in thickness

at 0.38 p.s.i. load.

It gets compressed easily and hence weatherproof jacket loses stability & seal at the joints are broken even under small loads. 

This permits moisture to enter into insulation materials and as little as 5 % moisture will reduce insulating effect by 50 %. 

The results are reduced operating efficiency, increased boiler/ thermal loads, accelerated corrosion rates, etc.


Shot content No shot. Contains about 20 % shots which increase weight but no insulating or structural value.

Fire Resistant

a)   Combustibility

b)   Self Heating

c)   Smouldering      After Glow




Binders burn/oxidize

Can self heat

Can smoulder

Effect of heat

Contains no binders and hence no exothermic reaction.

It exhibits minor surface cracking when heated to 1922


It suffers binder burn out, smokes & has exothermic reaction causing greater temperature rise in insulation than the base pipe temperature.
Chloride content

Below 10 p.p.m.


Above 100 p.p.m., increases corrosion & causes stress cracking of Austenic steel pipes.
Re-use It can be removed easily and re-installed. Upon removal it loses dimensional stability and falls apart.  Hence may not be usable.

Health hazard 

No effect

Causes itching 

Cost performance

Investment cost is high

Maintenance cost is low

Heat energy saving is more due to   better thermal performance



Investment cost is low

Maintenance cost is high

Heat energy loss is more which increases due to inferior thermal performance as time passes.



We can help you cut your energy cost by calculating heat losses and surface temperature data using NAIMA, U.S.A.s 3E plus program.  Please send us details of your thermal equipments & pipelines with basic data to enable us to calculate economic thickness of insulation & suggest how CSI can effectively help conserve expensive thermal (heat) energy.

Economic Thickness of Insulation (ETI)

Economic thickness is defined as that insulation thickness which yields the lowest annual cost of ownership and operation.  The data used to calculate the ETI includes: (1) cost of fuel & heat (2) interest rate (3) income tax rate (4) life of insulation (5) ambient temperature (6) wind speed (7) labour rate (8) jacket emissivity, etc.


We have experienced and qualified personnel and a new well-equipped laboratory.
H. V. Shah, who has developed this product during his research work for M. Tech. Program, is a manufacturing member of committee C.16 on thermal insulation: A.S.T.M., Philadelphia, U.S.A. We are also represented on Thermal Insulation Committee of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Delhi, INDIA. 
We are glad to inform you that Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi have accorded Recognition of In-house R & D Unit of our factory (copy of certificate attached).


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