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Application of Calcium Silicate Insulation


  The Surface to be insulated will be cleaned from rust ,dirt ,grease ,oil etc and dried.

Metal finish will be secured over insulation to minimize direct contact between surface to be insulated and outer metal cladding .Joints will be vapour tight and expansion joints provided on pipelines will allow to allow expansion of pipes to avoid cracking.The spacing for expansion joints will be

Pipe Temperature Spacing of Insulation (Expansion Joints)
Upto 400 0 c 3 M
Above 400 0 c 2 M (All joints will be staggered)

Insulation will be secured to pipes by tying circumferential wires of 1 mm to 1.6 mm. (19 to 16 SWG) spacing 450 mm and ends will be pressed into insulation. Insulation on vertical piping will be supported by metal rings or studs at 3 M intervals & above each expansion joint.

The Multiple layer of insulation will be applied such that butt joints of one layer do not coincide with those of the next layer. The final outer layer of insulation will be covered by galvanized wire netting stitched with suitable wire and anchored by tying wires.

Protrusion through insulation such as pipe clamps, support of pipings ,Instrument takeoffs ,etc will be insulated as per adjacent insulation.

Aluminum foil will be screwed with self tapping screws on longitudinal joints with 50 mm overlapping .The Overlapping joints will be sealed to make it weather proof. Protrusion through insulation such as pipe clamps, support of pipings ,instrument takeoffs etc will be insulated as per adjacent insulation.


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