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Use Sonasil  -  Save Energy - Use Calcium Silicate Insulation - Save Energy

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Cement : Preheaters/Precalciners, Coolers,TAD,etc.
Aluminium : Reduction pots, Other Thermal Process Equipment 
Glass : Furnace, Recuperators, Annealing Lehrs, etc.
Steel : Various types of furnaces as refractory back-up
Power Plants : Boilers, Steam Lines, Recuperators, etc.
Fertilizers : Reformers, Steam lines, Furnaces
Petrochemicals : Incinerators, Hot gas lines,etc.
Ceramics : Tunnel Kilns & Trolleys
Ship Building : Boilers, Turbines, Steam lines, Flue gas, Ducts etc
Chemicals : Boilers, High Temperature reactors, Flue  gas ducts,
  Steam/Thermic Fluid lines, Dryers, Furnaces, etc.
Others : Significant fuel savings can be obtained in Ceramics,
  Rolling Mills, Foundries and various industries, who
  use thermal equipments at high temperature.
As a thumb rule, wherever refractory bricks are being used, Calcium Silicate Insulation should be used as a back-up layer.

CSI is un-matched in places where a backup insulation is needed or where there is likely possibility of insulation being subject to accidental exposure to water or impact loads or foot traffic. 


Cement Industry: 

Calcium Silicate has given excellent cost - benefit performance in cement plants. All new cement plants in India have used CSI instead of traditional Vermiculite & Mica insulation bricks for additional thermal energy savings. We have already serviced most reputed corporate clients in India.

A cement plant manufacturing 1 million tons of cement consumes about 2 lacs tons of steam coal per year. By using CSI - about 265 tons - it is possible to save 30,000 tons of steam coal value Rs.60 million per year.

M/s. Saurashtra Cement Ltd., Ranavav (SCL), has insulated their plant equipments using our Calcium Silicate insulation materials and has saved fuel and electrical energy value Rs.110 million per annum. They have been presented national award for best improvements in thermal energy performance for the year 1998-99 at the 7th NCB international seminar on Cement & Building Materials held on 20.11.2000 at New Delhi. (Please contact us for a copy of this report)

M/s. IDBI & M/s. USAID have carried out energy surveys in cement plants through M/s. Holtec Engineers, Cement Consultants, New Delhi, India and M/s. Resource Management Association, Wisconsin, USA. Their report confirms that thermal energy conservation saving of 15% is available in the Indian Cement Sector  and therefore investing in energy efficiency can be as profitable as investing in increased production capacity. (Please contact us for a copy of this report)

Aluminium & Steel Plants:   

All over the world aluminum plants have started using CSI.  We have been able to successfully demonstrate cost performance of our product at M/s. Hindalco, Renukoot, reducing electrical energy consumption from 18,000 KWH to about 13,000 KWH saving 5000 KWH value Rs. 0.20 lac per ton of aluminum metal produced.  

M/s.Hindalco has started using our product extensively in their electrolytic cells and we are currently executing their order for supply of 300 tons CSI. Their expanded capacity will be 3 lacs tons of aluminium metal per year and M/s. Hindalco will save about 1,500 million KWH cost Rs. 6000 millions per year. 

Steel Industry:   

M/s. Bhilai Steel Plant and M/s. Bokaro Steel Plant have used SONASIL for thermal energy. We are currently executing substantial orders for M/s. Bokaro Steel Plant. 

Glass Industry: 

Mr. Trouillard, Sr. construction Manager - Saint-Gobain (France), a Fortune 100 company, has assessed our factory and the product and we have executed their order for CSI for their green-field venture, M/s. Saint-Gobain Glass (India) Ltd. near Chennai. 

M/s. Alembic Glass, M/s. Shreno Ltd., M/s. Maharashtra Glass, M/s. Krishnaa Glass and others have already used CSI in their furnaces and thermal equipments.

Rolling Mill Furnaces: 

We have designed a new rolling mill furnace with our Calsium Silicate Insulation Material and have been able to achieve significant reduction in fuel cost along with increase in production.  Our CSI has given a payback period of less than 3 months in a furnace with equivalent Insulation brick lining.  CSI has benefited the users in various ways. 

Case : M/s. Kalpana Steel at GIDC, Chitra, Bhavnagar-364004 has 22' long furnace producing 6 mm. & 8 mm. round bar.

Previous design : 
18thick refractory wall

Oil consumption         :    90 liters per ton of rolled steel  
Starting heat-up time :    90 minutes during summer 
120 minutes during winter

Production per day of 10 hours:  8 tons  

New design : 
9” thick refractory wall in pre-heating zone & 

13.5” thick refractory wall in burning zone 
+ 1.5”  CSI in bottom  & 2” CSI at top & 4 sides of  furnace  

Oil Consumption :         45-50 liters per ton of rolled steel  
Starting heat-up time:  20-30 minutes during summer 
45 minutes during winter.

Production per day of 10 hours:  11 tons

Major benefits:  
Saving 40 liters of oil per ton of rolled steel  
Decrease in starting heat-up time by 65%  
Increase in daily production by 40%  

Other benefits:  
a)      Lower temperature around the furnace resulting in workers' comfort.  
b)    Less burning loss
c)    Better quality of rolled steel.  
d)    Less maintenance and  
e)  Initial burner start-up without the need of pre-burning a cloth dipped in oil,etc.

Agarwal Industries, Kiran Ispat, Laxmi Steel, Maruti Ispat, Ragaria Steel, Vedant, etc. are some rolling mills in Bhavnagar Dist. who have benefited significantly by the use of CSI in their furnace.  

Our Ketan A. Shah has made a presentation on “ Thermal Energy Conservation” at a seminar on Energy Management- the New Imperative organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry at Ahmedabad and Rajkot.  (Please contact the company for a copy of this paper)    


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