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Fire Protection Board: 

We have developed high-density board of Calcium Silicate (900 kg/m3), which can be used for protection against fire.

In India, Fire protection is a rarely practiced concept. In developed and rapidly developing countries all public buildings have a fire-rating requirement.  Fire protection doors may soon become a requirement for public buildings such as government offices, hotels, schools, etc. The market size is likely to grow to a size of Rs. 150-200 million in 3-4 years and we will be well poised to capture this market.

Insulation Brick based on Calcium Silicate: 

We have been able to develop insulation brick based on Calcuim Silicate having bulk density from 900 kg./m3 to 550 kg./m3 with increasing thermal insulation properties at the cost of decrease in strength. This will serve better than conventional vermiculite/mica insulating bricks which are heavy in weight & have very low thermal insulation efficiency. 

Magnesium Carbonate

We have developed a novel process for manufacturing Magnesium Carbonate using an economical & efficient route from carbon dioxide gas instead of soda ash as raw material.


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