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Use Sonasil  -  Save Energy - Use Calcium Silicate Insulation - Save Energy

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SONASIL - Calcium Silicate Insulation (CSI)

SONASIL is reacted hydrated calcium silicate containing reinforcing fibers (non-asbestos). It offers thermal effeciency of flexible insulation like mineral wool and strength of conventional insulation bricks.

SONASIL is ideal replacement for insilation bricks due to low pay-back period. Powder form has plasticity and can be used for complex applications. It is also un-matched in places where fibrous insulation is exposed to water, foot traffic, impact loads, etc.

·          I.S.8154 & 9428
     Relevant Mecon & Naval Specifications
     ASTM C 533-95
     B.S.3958 Part II
     IA-1 for Cement Plants


         Low Thermal Conductivity (0.09 W/m °K at 500 °C)
         Light Weight (Density 260 Kg./M3)
         Good Mechanical Strength (above 16kg./Cm2)
         Fire Resistant
         Low Specific Heat
         Low Shrinkage
         Non Combustible
         Non Corrosive
         Low Maintenance Cost
         Re-usable & Long Life
         Easily Workable (cuts easily)

Aluminium : Reduction pots, Other Thermal Process Equipment 
Cement : Preheaters/Precalciners, Coolers,TAD,etc.
Chemicals : Boilers, Reactors, Flue  gas ducts,
  Steam/Thermic Fluid lines, Dryers, Furnaces, etc.
Glass : Furnace, Recuperators, Annealing Lehrs, etc.
Power Plants : Boilers, Steam Lines, Recuperators, etc.
Steel : Furnaces as refractory back-up, ABC in sponge Iron plants, etc.
Ceramics, Fertilizers, Foundries, Petrochemicals & Refineries, Sugar, Rolling Mills, Ship Building, etc. Industries for significant fuel saving. As a thumb rule, wherever refractory bricks are being used, SONASIL CSI Should be used as a back up layer. (We evalute saving in energy loss & surface temperature data for Economic Thickness of Insulation through NAIMA, U.S.A. '3E' Plus Program.)

         Available in slabs, lags, bricks, pipes & Powder forms

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